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MOUNTAIN BREEZE MIDNITE SUMMER DREAM  AMHA/AMHR.  31 in. bay mare with Orion Light Van'tHuttenest, Dell Terra's Dr. Sphinx and Lord of the Isles in her bloodline.  Both sire and dam are pintos. 


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Be Bobs Sea Cruise 3/9/99  AMHR  33.5" Buckskin mare. We are very excited to bring Cruiser into our herd. She is a beautiful mare and very easy to work with. Her color, conformation, and disposition make her the perfect all around mare.


LLL'S SUGAR & SPICE (SKYLER) - AMHR 35". beautiful buckskin pinto mare.


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TIMBER RIDGES INDIAN SUMMER AMHA/AMHR BLACK AND WHITE PINTO mare.  She is a great granddaughter of both Lord of the Isles and Dell Teras Dr Sphinx, so she's got some impressive pedigree in her background.


Mountain Breeze Touch of Brandy AMHR 34" Pinto appaloosa. Brandy is a very nice appy with lots of spots on face, legs, body. Looking forward to some very nice foals.




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